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Furniture Reupholstery

Furniture Reupholstery of Custom Fan Back Chair

Furniture reupholstery project details: what we do for our customers
Original chair was brought into store for a complete restoration of frame and upholstery.

Step 1-Strip to Original Frame
All existing fabric, foam and springs are removed to expose original frame.

Step 2-Frame Restoration
All frame imperfections are repaired and our expert craftsmen install new springs and padding to ensure the best quality.

Step 3-Customer Involvement
Fabric pattern selection is confirmed through customer consultation to guarantee satisfaction. Review from our extensive fabric choices or bring your own fabric in for us to use.

Step 4-Completed Product
Once the pattern has been confirmed the final stages of construction are completed.

Final Installation
Completed Fan Back chair delivered to homeowner.

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Custom Fabric Tufted Headboard

Step 1-Custom Hardwood Construction
Multiple varieties of headboards are available. To achieve your desired look an in-home consultation is crucial as the first step in the design phase. Limitations must be assessed to properly plan the execution of your custom headboard.

Step 2-Frame Construction
At Gene Sanes our expert craftsmen only use the finest hardwood construction to construct the custom piece to match your specifications

Step 3-Execute Desired Aesthetic
To complete the one-of-a-kind luxurious aesthetic, high-density foam must be installed followed by the fabric of your choosing.

Step 4-Tufting
Following foam installation we carefully upholster your headboard to meet your desired look

Completed Headboard
Once the desired look has been achieved your custom headboard is ready for installation!

Hand Tufted Entryway Seating

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Furniture Reupholstery

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